Major Sleepy (AQHA Mare)
Too Sleepy To ZIp x Major Intentions
Bred to Allocate Your Assets for a January 2020 foal

Dynamically Shiek (AQHA Mare)
One Hot Krymsun  x Zippo Pine Bar Daughter
Bred to Certain Potential for a February 2020 foal


Almost Certain (ApHC Mare)
Hot Chocolate Chip x Brand New Toy
Bred to Heart Stoppin for a April 2020 foal

Suddenly Southern (AQHA Mare)
Its A Southern Thing  x Sudden Impulse Daughter
Bred to VS Code Blue for a February 2020 foal




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L e i e r   P e r f o r m a c e   H o r s e s 

My Sleepy Doll (AQHA Mare)
Too Sleepy To Zip   x Miss Shi Doll
Bred to Extremely Hot Chips for a January 2020 foal

Certainly A Krymsun (ApHC Mare)
One Hot Krymsun x Almost Certain
Open for 2020 

RL Suddenly Savannah (ApHC Mare)
RL Best Of Sudden x Its Misty In Paradise
Bred to Battman for a February 2020 foal

Priceless Portrait (ApHC Mare)
Arts Self Portrait  x Hunters Mirage
Bred to The Best Bet Yet for a February 2020 foal

Will Be A Natural (AQHA Mare)
Good I Will Be  x Aint I A Natrual
Breeding to Allocate Your Assets for a January 2021 foal

Majorly Blue Skies (AQHA Mare)
Skys Blue Boy x Major Intensions
Bred to Hubba Hubba Huntin for a January 2020 foal